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What is mold?
Mold is a microscopic fungi that lives on plant or animal matter which they decompose for their nourishment.  These molds reproduce by releasing spores into the air and then settle onto new matter to grow.  These airbourne spores are what your inhale that cause your allergies.

Where can mold be found?
Molds are in most environments, they do not have a restricted season.  They are encouraged to grow in warm, moist areas so the more humid seasons are worse then others.  They are found inside the home as well as outdoors.  These spores nourish in dark, poorly ventalated areas where water pools.  It is important to keep moisture and humidity under control to decrease the amount of mold growth.

Ways to prevent mold in your environment?
1. Keep the humidity levels below 50%.
2. Avoiding having carpet in your bathrooms, basements and other damp areas.
3. Install exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom.
4. Remove moldy items and use a dehumidifier to keep basement dry.
5. Clean all visible mold and use a mold inhibitor to prevent future growth.
6. Use air cleaners and vent filters to remove airborne spores.
7. Add a mold inhibitor to paint before applying.

Why immunotherapy (allergy shots) can help you?
These climates are sometimes hard to avoid and trying to keep it under control is hard.  These shots boost your immune system with the allergen that you are allergic to and that is what treats your symptoms.
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