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What are the different pollen seasons?
Trees pollens-spring
Grass Pollens-Summer
Weed Pollens-Fall

What days are better then others?
Dry hot, windy days have the higher pollen counts.  Rain decreases the counts, but the rebounds into higher counts.  The highest counts are usually 5:00AM to 10:00AM.

Facts on Ragweed!
One acre of ragweed can make 60 pounds of pollen.  One ragweed plant can make one trillion pollen grains.

Ways to reduce pollen indoors:
Close windows and doors.
Seal windows.
Use air conditioning.
Keep pets outside or bathe often.
Use room size HEPA filter.

Ways to reduce pollens outdoors:
Avoid yard work.
Avoid being outside during peak times or peak days.
Shower and change clothes after outdoor activity.
Use hats, long sleeves, masks, and gloves.

Should I cut down the trees that I am allergic to?
Definitely not, pollen can travel 150 miles radius so cutting it down only removes the tree not the
pollen, which is the cause for you allergy symptoms.

Why immunotherapy (allergy shots) can help you?
The shots administer small amounts of the pollen allergens into your system and gradually increase
your immunity to the allergen so that the symptoms are either decreased or resolved.

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