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What is a house dust mite?
An 8 legged creature that lives on human skin scales, found in any household dust and is the leading cause of allergies to common house dust.

Where do they live?
They are mostly found on mattresses and pillows due to their eating preference, which is dead skin.

Why do they cause symptoms?
As the mites digest their food, they produce potent allergens which is released in their feces pellets. Inhaling these provoke allergic symptoms such as nasal congestion, itching, watery eyes, sneezing and asthma.

How do you minimize dust mites in your home?
The key is to keep all the rooms in your house as dust free as possible.  The most important room being the bedrooms because that is where you spend about a third of your life.  Here are a few key things to help you get started:
1.  Enclose your mattress and pillows in protective coverings.
2.  Change and wash (ideally in hot water) all bed linens as frequently as possible.
3.  Wet mop and vacuum your floors as frequently as possible.
4.  Use air filtration systems.
5.  Change your air conditioner filters as frequent as once a month.

Why immunotherapy (allergy shots) can help you?
The shots administer small amounts of the mite allergens into your system and gradually increase
your immunity to the allergen so that the symptoms are either decreased or resolved.

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