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1. Preparation: There are certain medications that have to be discontinued until after your scheduled appointment. These medications are as follows:

Antihistamines - stop all allergy medications 7 days before your appointment (for example: Benadryl, Claritin, Patanol eye drops). Please read the labels of any medications BEFORE you take them to prevent you from having to reschedule.

Vitamins - Stop all multivitamins or anything herbal (for example: glucosamine, herbal drinks).

Tricyclic antidepressants - all

Sleep Aids - For example: Tylenol PM, Ambien, Lunesta

Blood pressure medication - Please ask about your blood pressure medications. Some medicines such as beta blockers, do not allow us to treat you for an allergic reaction, so we MUST know what type of medicine you are taking.


  1. Testing Process: The first step in allergy testing is to make sure that you will have an accurate test, so a histamine control prick is placed on your arm. Once a positive reaction is read, the test will begin. We begin by putting the prick portion of the test on your forearms, and waiting 20 minutes for reactions. These reactions can get itchy, if you are allergic. After these results are read, the intradermal (a bubble of allergen placed under the top layer of skin) portion of the test is put on your upper arm, and we wait 20 minutes. These results are then read and reviewed with you. At this time we will discuss further treatment.

Testing takes about 2 hours, so please schedule accordingly. We also ask you to wear a short sleeve shirt, to make it easier to get to your upper arm.

If you have any questions about medications, testing or allergies please call.

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