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02.01.07 New Procedure Relieves Sinusitis PDF Print E-mail

February 1, 2007 



First of its kind procedure in Brazos Valley performed at College Station Medical Center on January 30, 2007 by Ron Kuppersmith, M.D.

For 37 million people, sinusitis affects their quality of life and is more prevalent than arthritis and hypertension. 

In the past, chronic sinusitis has been treated with medical therapies and/or conventional sinus surgery, an often painful surgery that included a long recovery time.  Conventional sinus surgery frequently requires the placement of packing that needs to be removed during the post operative period.

Today, the physicians at Texas ENT and Allergy are now able to perform a new minimally invasive procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, that opens the blocked sinuses and in many cases, does not include tissue or bone removal. This procedure typically does not require the placement of packing and recovery may be much quicker than conventional sinus surgery. 

The FDA-cleared Balloon Sinuplasty by Acclarent is used by specially trained ear, nose and throat physicians.  Drs. de Jong, Kuppersmith and McMahon are now performing this new procedure with success, making them the first practice in the Brazos Valley trained to do so.

This procedure may offer significant relief to patients with chronic sinusitis, recurring acute sinusitis and sinus related headaches.

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