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1.      In the beginning, you will hear new sounds that you have not heard for a while. Adjusting to your devices will take time, they should not feel uncomfortable in your ears, and the volume should be comfortable.


2.      We recommend that you wear the devices all day. Infrequent use of hearing aids does not permit the user to attain full benefit from them.


3.      There is a RED marking for the RIGHT device,

and a BLUE marking for the LEFT device


4.      Remember to open the battery door when the devices are not in your ears, this turns the device off and help save the battery life.


5.      Most batteries should last anywhere from 5 to 14 days, depending on usage and the particular device you are wearing.


6.      Check daily for wax plugs – clean devices appropriately at least weekly.


7.      When using the telephone, move the phone around your ear to find the “sweet spot”. If you are still struggling, consult you Hearing Care Professional.


8.      Do not store in the bathroom – too much humidity/water could cause the devices to act up.


9.     Do not wear devices when applying hair products – it can “gunk up” the microphones


10. When getting a hair cut, remove your devices completely and store properly.


11. When flying, wear the devices through security, the x-ray can delete the programming. They will not set off the metal detector.


12. Do not wear devices around loud noises. The hearing devices should be stored properly and replaced with noise plugs when around loud noises to prevent further hearing loss.


13. Never allow others to use your hearing instruments because incorrect/wrongful usage could cause permanent damage to their hearing.


14. WARNING: Hearing devices, their parts, and batteries are not toys and should be kept out of reach of children, pets and anyone who might swallow these items. Call poison control immediately for possible ingestion.

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